Hellboy 2 - Die goldene Armee

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Hellboy 2 - Die goldene Armee

Interview mit Guillermo del Torro

Interview mit Guillermo del Torro
0 Kommentare - Fr, 08.12.2006 von Moviejones
Comingsoon führte ein realtiv langes Interview mit Guillermo del Torro. Neben seinem aktuellen Film "Pans Labyrinth", kamen sie im Verlauf des Interviews auch auf "Hellboy 2" zu sprechen.
CS schreibt: [..] CS: The story of Hellboy is interesting, because it got picked up by Sony and did okay, maybe better than some expected.
Del Toro: And starring Ron Perlman.
CS: Right, I'm a huge fan of his, too. The fact that you're doing a sequel with a different company is pretty amazing, since that almost never happens. How did you manage that?
Del Toro: Because we don't give up. We just persist and Larry Gordon never gives up. We pursued it, and both times [Hellboy creator Mike] Mignola is absolutely sure it's not going to happen, then it happens.
CS: So you just have to make sure that Mignola is down on something for it to happen.
Del Toro: Exactly, as long as Mignola gives up on it, it happens. I knew our time had come when Mike said, "Well, if it doesn't happen now, it will never happen" which is what we said on the first one and then it happened.
CS: The first movie had elements from the Mike's first mini-series, but I assume the sequel will be something new and different or will that also be based on one of the stories?
Del Toro: Funny enough, Mike says that he's including some of the storyline of the sequel in the present series. He said it's a coincidence and he was moving into that direction already, so it's a blessing. We're going to have sort of a thematic continuity on the movie.
CS: How do the two of you work on this. With the comics, you at least have a visual reference. Are you able to write things and then have him draw them up or do you work on it together?
Del Toro: No, I worked on the story and then I went away for almost two years and wrote the screenplay and came back with the screenplay completed and now that we're in the design phase, we sit together, we draw for days and days and days, then he's going to be gone and he'll come back during production.
CS: For the new "Hellboy" movie, are you going to be incorporating more of the BRPD characters into it or will it focus more on Hellboy?
Del Toro: Johann Krauss comes in and other than that, and literally, we can't afford any more agents, cause Johann is already an expensive character, the ectoplasmic guy. What we do have is a better gallery of villains than the last one. Mistakes were made in, for instance, killing Kroenen too early. He was such a good character, he should have died last, you know? 'Cause basically, the movie ends when Kroenen dies. [..]
Quelle: Comingsoon
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