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Interview mit Tobin Bell über "Saw 4"

Interview mit Tobin Bell über "Saw 4"
0 Kommentare - Di, 17.04.2007 von Moviejones
Wie jedes Jahr wird uns auch in diesem zu Halloween ein neuer Saw-Teil erwarten. Bei AICN gibt es ein lesenswertes Interview zum kommenden vierten Teil der Reihe um Jigsaw.
AICN schreibt: [..] Quint: I know that there’s a lot of talk about the next film [SAW 4]. There was a setup in the third one, where we could actually discover a little bit more about Jigsaw, like a back history with him. Do you think he will pop up in the next one and maybe seen in a flashback?
[Tobin nods his head up and down, silently. We both laugh]

Tobin Bell: I know it doesn’t make much of an interview, when somebody just nods their head, but yeah… I do.

Quint: For me it’s not a SAW movie without that character... But it seems that each movie seems to delve deeper and deeper into your character. After SAW 3, I’m like “OK, he’s gone, but it seems like they’re setting up…”

Tobin Bell: I haven’t read the script for SAW 4, so I find it difficult to comment. I don’t know where they’re going, but I can tell you that I’m in it and that I look forward to the very same things you’re talking about. They’re filling him out in ways that are compelling and interesting. [..]
Quelle: AICN
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