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Erste Eindrücke von Transformers

Erste Eindrücke von Transformers
0 Kommentare - Do, 15.02.2007 von Moviejones
AICN hat mal wieder ein paar Insidernews auf Lager. So gibt es einen umfassenden Szenenbericht von einem Transformers-Event aus New York.
Vorsicht SPOILER! - AICN schreibt: [..] SEQUENCE ONE
The first sequence involved an intense nighttime air-traffic control situation wherein an unidentified helicopter approaches a U.S. Air Force base in Qatar. After failing to make contact with the aircraft, the base rallies its reinforcements and waits for the copter to land. Once it does, and nobody gets out, the transformation begins. CGI is very strong here, and the crowd reaction echoed that sentiment. The classic “transforming-sound” from the cartoon is heard, albeit briefly, which garnered a lot of laughter and applause. I have a feeling that this sound effect might exist in the temp-version only, since it didn’t last long and was not as slick-sounding as the ‘new and improved’ Skywalker Sound version of the transforming process that could be heard for the majority of the transformation. The helicopter transforms into a very impressive and complex-looking Decepticon that failed to remind me of anything from the classic comic/series. This is to be expected, however, since all of the characters have undergone such an intensive redesign. The Decepticon commences to unload its blasters on the confused troops, and the results are rather “mind-blowing” indeed. When the Decepticon fires, a massive shockwave emanates, sending tanks and other vehicles flying through the air. The audio here, although ‘incomplete,’ already makes TRANSFORMERS a serious contender for the 2008 Best Sound Oscar. Scene plays out with continued destruction of the USAF base. Upon fading out, the scene drew the most intense applause of the evening.

I’m not really sure why they chose this sequence as one of the handful that to be screened for a group of toy executives, since it contained ZERO special effects shots. I imagine they intended it to convey the human element of the picture, which sadly has the potential to rub the core fanbase the wrong way. The sequence involves the dorky Shia LeBouf character and his quest to impress the ‘hot girl,’ played by Megan Fox. The scene moves into Herbie the Love Bug territory, as LeBouf’s car (I’m assuming it’s Bumblebee) begins to react to the situation, “breaking down” and slowly rolling towards the edge of a cliff overlooking a romantic vista of the city below before automatically playing Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” on the radio. The scene is pure slapstick, and played well with the crowd, who laughed throughout. This will likely happen in the first 30-45 minutes of the movie, before the real fireworks have begun. Shots of Fox leaning over the hood of the car will have fanboys salivating. [..]
Quelle: AICN
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