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Interview mit Aaron Eckhart über seine Rolle in "The Dark Knight"

Interview mit Aaron Eckhart über seine Rolle in "The Dark Knight"
0 Kommentare - Do, 08.03.2007 von Moviejones hatte die Möglichkeit ein Interview mit Aaron Eckard zu führen. In diesem spricht Eckard vor allem über seine Rolle als Harvey Dent aka Two Face.
So schreibt [..] Were you a fan of Batman Begins?
"Yeah, absolutely."
Did you go back and read any of the Batman comics in order to get into this character?
"I'm doing my research. I don't want to be a complete idiot when I get to the set (laughing)."
Does that mean you weren't a comic book fan to begin with?
"Let me see...I don't know that I have any comic books."
So you didn't read any as a kid?
"Well, let me see. I grew up watching Batman when I came home from school - the Kabaam! and Kaboom! and Robin and all that sort of stuff. Other than that, I just kind of read other books."
Do you approach playing a character based on a comic book any differently than you'd approach any other character?
"No, not at all, because you're a human being and three-dimensional with thoughts. That's the key, I think, is to make him as human as possible because that way the audience completely forgets that they're watching anything but just the story unfolding in front of them. Even like tonight, watching this movie... I mean, they're not going to be cartoon characters. They're going to be real people with thoughts and feelings and emotions." [..]
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