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Dogs of Berlin

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Userreview von Ramonxx44

Dogs of Berlin Review

Dogs of Berlin Review
0 Kommentare - 13.02.2019 von Ramonxx44
In dieser Userreview verrät euch Ramonxx44, wie gut "Dogs of Berlin" ist.
Dogs of Berlin

Bewertung: 4.5 / 5

„The criminal, but innocent Clans“

The Netflix-Series: „Dogs of Berlin“, is an germanspoken Drama with the main characters
Kurt Grimmer and Erol Birkan, both chair the Soko: „Rote Karte“. The plot is about the German footballstar Orkan Erdem with turkish origin, who was murdered one day before the match against Turkey. So a special comission deal with the case, but they want to camouflage the homocide case.
Paul Grimmer, who was a Nazi in his earlier times, uses the case for becoming famous and to pay his betting debts.
The big clans of Hakim Tarik-Amir and Tomo Kovac become suspect and were followed by the special commando. The Nazis „Kameraden Marzahn“ also have a big influence to the main story, because of the connections with Paul Grimmer (his mother and brother are still active there).

Trailer zu Dogs of Berlin

The German series is set in Berlin and was producted by Christian Alvart and Siggi Kamml. The first season was published on 7.December.2018 with its ten suites a= 1 hour. The series is excellently filmed, cut and played, because of the big suspence which is always there. The music and sound effects are crucial for that, just like the camera work from Syrreal Entertainment. My favourite scene is the following: During the match Germany vs. Turkey, Kareem Tarik-Amir and Tomo Kovac make a bet about the result of the game. Kareem says that Turkey will win, Tomo says Germany will. Kareem wants to get in the cubicle in half time break to bribe the best german player of the game, but he has no success. If Kareem has right they will make a deal, if he is wrong, his finger will be cut.
The series says that big and criminal clans have a massive influence on stars and other people. It is really hard to catch and bring them in prison.

In my opinion it is an succeeded and reliable story, because you can empathize with the characters all the time.The whole story is full of suspence and you want to watch the series in one day. There is an open ending, so you can hardly wait until the seccond season will be released. I´m really looking forward watching this!

All in all you get an insight in crime of big cities together with polices ascertainments, which are not that good as we expect. There is dominating lots of corruption, trickery and deviousness.
I can throughly recommend the series, because of all aspects I already have written. If I have to rate it in form of stars and 5 stars are the best, I would give 4.5.
Once again: If you have netflix and you are interestet in such Dramas, please watch the series.

Dogs of Berlin Bewertung
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