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Interview mit Matt Groening

Interview mit Matt Groening
0 Kommentare - Mo, 26.02.2007 von Moviejones
Bei Craveonline gibt es ein sehr umfassendes und interessantes Interview mit Matt Groening. Besonders die Details über den kommenden Simpsons-Film dürften die Fans begeistern.
Craveonline schreibt: [..] Crave Online: I was forever disturbed by the episode where Lester and Eliza save the day instead of Bart and Lisa. I expected them to recur as rivals. Were they always intended as one joke?
Matt Groening: It was a one shot. They were partially based on the original drawings of Bart and Lisa and we've written them into the show, but have they come back? I don't even remember. I think we put them in The Simpsons movie. They were in one draft. I'm not sure if they survive.

Crave Online: Can you finally clear this up: That was Michael Jackson in the Lisa's birthday episode, right?
Matt Groening: Oh, I think that was a contractual thing but I didn't sign any contract. Yeah, that was Michael Jackson.

Crave Online: Are there any other Simpsons urban legends?
Matt Groening: Oh, there were two rumors. One was that Madonna was going to be on the show, and then that the movie was going to be about Bart losing his virginity. That was 10 years ago. Bart losing his virginity was based on somebody asked one of the writers what's the Simpsons movie about? He goes, "Bart losing his virginity." That was a joke and that's not what the movie's about.

Crave Online: Will the movie focus on one character, like Homer?
Matt Groening: No, it's about the family. It's one of the nice things about having a full length feature is we don’t have to just tell one or two small stories.

Crave Online: Who's doing the movie while the show's still running?
Matt Groening: Anybody who has been an animator on The Simpsons, generally we've called them up and said, "Come back." And got a couple of studios working on the movie. And David Silverman, one of the original directors back in The Tracey Ullman days, supervising director of The Simpsons for many years, is doing this with many veteran directors of the show. And then it's the home team. [..]
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