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Shrek der Dritte

Set-Bericht von "Shrek der Dritte"

Set-Bericht von "Shrek der Dritte"
0 Kommentare - Mi, 11.04.2007 von Moviejones
JoBlo hatte die Möglichkeit einen kleinen Besuch am Set von "Shrek der Dritte" durchzuführen. In dem umfangreichen Bericht wird auf viele kleine Details eingegangen.
JoBlo schreibt: [..] If you work at PDI, you’d better love Shrek, because the building’s interior is decorated as one giant homage to the highly lucrative ogre. From the boardrooms to the bathrooms, you can’t go anywhere without running into something referencing the franchise. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn I’d stumbled into the headquarters of some freaky cult, its members quietly making preparations to board a spaceship to another dimension.

After a hearty lunch, we were led into a screening room, where Shrek the Third co-director Chris Miller unspooled about 20 minutes of footage from the film. Not all of the scenes were finished, but what we viewed provided more than enough proof that the studio is intent on making SHREK THE THIRD every bit as good as the first two Shrek films, if not better.

Obviously, it’s impossible to critique the storyline, having only viewed a handful of scenes. I can say, however, that the quality of the animation has improved by leaps and bounds over SHREK 2. It seems as if every detail has been enhanced – especially in regards to background images – while still adhering to the uniquely stylized visual aesthetic that defines the franchise. I am also happy to report that, as of this writing, there are no songs from Counting Crows on the SHREK THE THIRD soundtrack. [..]
Quelle: JoBlo
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